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What is Gut Prep?

Gut Prep is Jetson’s take on a prebiotic for adults. Here’s the thing about prebiotics: they’re considered the starting point of a healthy stomach. Prebiotics are the non-living, non-digestible ingredients which feed all that good bacteria that your

Can I get Gut Prep with every order?

Yes! In fact, we recommend everyone orders it as an add-on to their first month of seasonal probiotics to help get their gut in line. But you can definitely continue taking it daily with your probiotics. You can add-on a one time order of Gut Prep to

Why do I need Gut Prep?

Consider prebiotics the starting point for a healthy stomach—they are the non-living, non-digestible ingredients that feed all that good bacteria your probiotics are bringing you. Gut Prep is a vegan prebiotic that uses a novel bacteriophage, causing

Can I take After Ate with my Jetson probiotics?

It’s not optimal. After Ate should be taken after a meal to assist food break down. The enzymes won’t have anything to break down unless you eat first!

When should I take After Ate?

Take one After Ate mint within 15 minutes after eating a meal.

Can I take After Ate to lose weight?

Enzymes are not designed for weight loss. Enzymes support your stomach and small intestine in digesting the food you eat more efficiently. After Ate does relieve bloating which may result in a flatter appearance to the midsection. However, this is no

What are digestive enzymes and how do they work?

Enzymes are naturally occurring substances in our bodies and in our food. In terms of digestion, enzymes help break down the food that we eat so that our bodies can convert our food to nutrients. Enzymes work like little scissors to cut your food int

What digestive enzymes are included in Jetson’s After Ate formula?

Protease for breaking down proteins: Protease 20,200 HUT, Protease 50 SAPUCarbohydrase for breaking down carbohydrates: Amylase 3,500 DU, Glucoamylase 11 AGU, Lactase 1,000 ALU, Alpha-Galactosidase 150 GalU, Invertase 400 SU, Isolase 60 IsoU, Hemicel

What is the difference between After Ate and your probiotics?

Enzymes and probiotics complement each other for a healthy gut routine. Enzymes work like little scissors to cut your food into smaller pieces, making it easier and faster for your stomach and gut to process. It also reduces the amount of undigested

How is After Ate better than other digestive enzyme supplements?

After Ate is an enzyme supplement designed to provide immediate indigestion relief that many people experience after eating a big meal or consuming foods that cause digestive sensitivities. Unlike popular indigestion and gas relief products, After At