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How do I update my payment method?

Once you're logged into your Account, and you've clicked through to 'Manage Subscriptions', you'll see a screen like this (on desktop):

Or like this (on mobile):

Across the top of the screen on desktop, jump to the Payment Methods screen. On mobile, select Payment Methods from the drop-down menu on top (click the arrow next to 'Subscriptions' at the top of the screen).

The new screen will look like this:

Click any of the currently existing options to edit those payment methods, or click 'Add New Payment Method' in the top-right corner to add a new card/payment method. Once you have the payment method that you want added, you'll need to assign it to your current subscription.

Click Move Subscriptions in the bottom right corner, and select which subscription you'd like to assign to that payment method. Once that's done, you should be able to delete any old payment methods you no longer need on file.

If you get stuck or need any assistance, reach out to Customer Support. NOTE: we can't add payment information for you (you wouldn't want us to have that card info anyway!), but we can make sure everything's done right!

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