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How does the Seasonal subscription work?Updated 2 years ago

Subscribing to our Seasonal program means setting it and forgetting it. Seasonal subscription orders processed on the dates within the below ranges will, by default, be the associated formula.  We use the seasons as guidelines, not absolutes so if your delivery schedule is a bit off, it's not a big deal. Just keep taking them - that's the most important thing.

  • FIT = Summer (Jun 1 - Aug 31)
  • MOOD = Fall (Sep 1 - Nov 31)
  • IMMUNITY = Winter (Dec 1 - Feb 28)
  • SKIN = Spring (Mar 1 - May 31)

The date that you start your subscription will be the date each month that your card is charged. Once the order is charged, we'll pack it up and ship it to you ASAP!

You can change up the formula you're receiving at any time either using the Swap feature in your Account on our site, or by sending an email to Support. The above schedule is the default, not an absolute, and you have all the power to determine what formula you'd like to receive when, so don't ever hesitate to let us know you'd like to switch things up.

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