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I take a multivitamin. Should I stop when taking Jetson probiotics?Updated 2 years ago

In short, you are fine to take both daily multivitamins and Jetson's probiotics together unless your doctor has specific limitations for your health condition(s). For those with specific concerns, here are some of the relevant concerns for vitamin intake with Jetson's probiotic formulas:


The "% Daily Value" or "% DV" on the supplement label is based on Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs). It is the average amount sufficient for your body. We always consider both RDAs and the Upper Intake Level (UL), which is the maximum daily level that is safe to take. 


Jetson's Mood contains 20 mcg of D3 (or 800 IU) and 2.4 mcg of B12 (or approx 8 IU). Vitamin B12 is safe to take in any quantity and Jetson contains a fairly small amount. (Just enough, we think.) The daily recommendation of Vitamin D is between 10-25 mcg (400–1,000 IU) but a little more is definitely ok. You shouldn't consume more than 4,000 IU of vitamin D, but most multivitamins contain much less.


Jetson’s Immunity probiotic contains 50MG of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is safe in large quantities (hello, 1000MG in Emergen-C). It's safe to take 1800 – 2000mg of Vitamin C daily.


Jetson's Skin contains 900mcg of Vitamin A (or 300 IU) and 90MG of Vitamin C, and 15mg of Vitamin E (or 22.4 IU).

  • Vitamin A is in palmitate form, which is more effective than beta-carotene from your multivitamins. The daily recommendation of Vitamin A is 700 – 900mcg. Women during lactation have a higher daily recommendation of 1200mcg – 1300mcg. It is safe to take Vitamin A up to 2800 – 3000mcg of preformed Vitamin A (such as palmitate). Beta-carotene doesn't count towards the maximum level because the absorption varies.

  • Vitamin C has a daily recommendation of 90mg and is safe to take in large quantities daily (1800 – 2000mg).

  • Vitamin E's daily recommendation is 15mg to be sufficient but the Upper Intake Level is much higher. It is safe to take daily up to 800 – 1000mg.

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