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What are digestive enzymes and how do they work?Updated 2 years ago

Enzymes are naturally occurring substances in our bodies and in our food. In terms of digestion, enzymes help break down the food that we eat so that our bodies can convert our food to nutrients. Enzymes work like little scissors to cut your food into smaller pieces, making it easier and faster for your stomach and gut to process. 

Our bodies naturally produce digestive enzymes. However, biological factors such as age and genetics can affect how your body makes enzymes and what types it produces. For example, when you have a food intolerance, your body produces a low amount of a key enzyme specifically for digesting that food. When food is not broken down when it passes through the intestines, the bacteria in your colon ferment the undigested food, and the result is symptoms like belly pain, cramps and gas. 

After Ate is designed to supplement the enzymes that your body may not be producing. Because everybody is different, everyone has different enzyme needs, so a broad spectrum formulation helps ensure that you’re covered on all bases. 

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