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What are the benefits of taking a digestive enzyme supplement like After Ate?Updated 2 years ago

  • Digestive enzymes provide a host of benefits for your digestion. Our product, After Ate, is a digestive enzyme mint designed to provide immediate indigestion relief that many people experience after eating a big meal or consuming foods that cause digestive sensitivities. Because everyone has different food triggers, it contains a full spectrum of digestive enzymes to help break down carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.
  • Fast, immediate relief from digestive discomfort. Enzymes are a great alternative to common over the counter solutions for indigestion. Most products like antacids and pink bismuth tend to address the symptoms and not actually aid digestion. 
  • Preparing for a big meal. Have you ever felt bloated and uncomfortable hours after eating a big meal (we’re looking at you, Thanksgiving dinner)? Eating a lot of food means your body needs to do extra work to digest. Taking After Ate can help speed up that process so you can avoid the dreaded food coma. 
  • Preempting mild food intolerances. Some of us, while not quite full blown lactose or gluten intolerant know from experience that eating certain foods can trigger issues like gas. Taking enzymes for cases of mild intolerances can help you enjoy certain foods without completely cutting them out. You can also Take After Ate as a preventative measure if you accidentally eat any food that causes intolerance.
  • Digestive support for specialized diets. People with specialized diets like keto, plant-based, or high-protein may experience digestive issues because their diets tend to be heavy on particular macronutrients, and the body 
  • Better nutrient absorption. After Ate breaks down food effectively so that your body can get the most nutrients out of the food you eat
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