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What pricing and option plans are available for Jetson and Jettie products?

That depends on how you want to be billed!  

With our bestselling Seasonal Subscription, you’ll always receive the current seasonal formula, based on the date your order is shipped, according to this schedule:


FIT = Summer (Jun 1 - Aug 31)

MOOD = Fall (Sep 1 - Nov 31)

IMMUNITY = Winter (Dec 1 - Feb 28)

SKIN = Spring (Mar 1 - May 31)

There are 3 options for ordering our Seasonal Subscription:

  1. $35 per month - you receive 1 bottle each month, charged monthly.
  2. $96 every 3 months - you receive 3 bottles of the current seasonal formula (see schedule above), every 3 months. This works out to $32 per bottle.
  3. $360 every 12 months - our prepaid annual subscription. You pay $30 per bottle upfront, and we ship you one bottle of the current seasonal formula each month until you've been shipped the 12 bottles you paid for.

Of course, you can also opt to subscribe to just the formula of your choice (or to Digest or Women), and you have options for that as well:

  1. $35 per month - you receive 1 bottle each month, charged monthly.
  2. $66 every 2 months - you receive 2 months' of product every 2 months. This works out to $33 per bottle.

Jettie Melty Stix costs $29 per month and is billed monthly. 

Our After Ate subscription is a little different, as well. We suggest you start with our Starter Bundle, which includes one refill bottle of 60 tablets and your portable tube with another 15 tablets, all for $25. From there, we'll shift you to our default After Ate subscription - we charge you $32 every month and send you another refill bottle of 60 tablets. OR, if your prefer a smaller order, you can purchase a one-time order of our smaller tube of 15 tablets for $10.


One-time purchases of Gut Prep and After Ate's refillable tube also add a $5 shipping fee. If those products are added to an order for other products as well, that shipping fee is waived.

Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada includes a flat $10 fee. You can see more about our shipping policies here

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