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Why should I choose Jetson over other brands?Updated 2 years ago

Well, how much time do you have exactly? We could go on and on, but in the interest of time, here’s what you need to know, and you can read more in depth here.

We go way beyond bacteria: Feeling alive inside starts in your gut, and changes how you feel - not just how you poop. Our products are benefit-led: we source each one based on specific health goals and concerns. We start with high-quality probiotics, then supercharge each formulation with vitamins, minerals and botanicals.

Your gut is the key to overall health: Yes, gut health and digestion are connected — but it goes way beyond poop. Everything from how you sleep, to how your skin looks, to your mental health is influenced by your gut. That’s why we’re focused on following the latest science and providing high-quality solutions to get and keep you well — starting with your gut. You can read more here.

We're serious about efficacyEvery one of our products goes through rigorous quality testing to ensure they remain 100% effective up to the expiration date on the bottle. They'll survive your stomach's acidic conditions to get to work where they're most needed: in your intestines.

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