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All you need to know about our probiotic formulas

What are the benefits each probiotic formula can provide?

Skin is formulated with 8 probiotic strains clinically proven to balance inflammatory factors and build skin’s resilience, along with 5 antioxidants – Vitamin A, C, and E, Solarplast and Superoxide Dismutase – which defend against oxidative stress. T

What are the specific probiotic strains in each formula?

You can see another list of all the ingredients in each of our seasonal strains on their specific product pages (follow the links below), but here's a quick summary for you:. Skin. DE111® Bacillus subtilis. LA-14 Lactobacillus acidophilus. BL-05 Bifi

I take a multivitamin. Should I stop when taking Jetson probiotics?

In short, you are fine to take both daily multivitamins and Jetson's probiotics together unless your doctor has specific limitations for your health condition(s). For those with specific concerns, here are some of the relevant concerns for vitamin in

Can I take Jetson's Fit probiotics for weight loss?

Jetson's Fit probiotics are your go-to probiotics to feel your lightest and leanest. Taking a probiotic for bloating is nothing new… in fact it’s a pretty normal request from our Jetson customers. Taking a probiotic isn’t going to melt the pounds rig

Does Jetson's Mood probiotics contain dairy and soy?

Mood, like all our other formulations, is vegan. If you're here because of the dairy that used to be present in Mood, the strain that was grown on dairy has been removed with our new formulation for 2021.

When should I take Jetson's Mood probiotic?

Take Mood in the morning with breakfast. Why? To absorb Vitamin D3, which is a fat-soluble vitamin that works fastest when paired with a healthy breakfast.

When should I take Jetson's Women probiotic?

You should take two capsules of Women every day, ideally on an empty stomach. The botanical ingredients in the Women formula can cause drowsiness in some people, so if you find that to be the case, we'd suggest taking Women just before bed.